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Full Version: [CA] Axiom N2K connection to Suzuki
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I have an Axiom 9 connected (N2K) to a DF200AP 2017 Suzuki and I'm only seeing data for RPM and engine trim. I tried using 'discover engine' and it searches and finds nothing, which is weird since its displaying some data from the engine. I double checked the Axiom software is up-to-date and Suzuki reports they provide N2K data for RPM, Alternator Voltage, Engine Hours, Engine temp, Engine Trim, Fuel Rate, Fuel used, Seasonal Fuel used, and Trip fuel used. The smart gauge I have is connected to the same network and displays all data with no problem. I researched the ECI-100, but it doesn't list the Suzuki. Does the Axiom talk to N2K devices and why does it display data but cannot detect the source?
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Please note that we have received no substantiated reported of problems within the LightHouse 3 software which would cause the reported systems. Please additionally note that the Identify Engines feature is exclusively designed for use with compatible engine systems which have been interfaced to an ECI-100. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one would interface an engine(s) to an Axiom MFD. As indicated within the FAQ and as well as the FAQ referenced within, proper assignment of device instance IDs are critical to the MFD reporting data from engines as well as other NMEA 2000 devices. It is strongly suspected that the incorrect device instance is being transmitted within PGNs associated with the missing data items which you have referenced. Please note that the PGNs 127488 (Engine Parameters, Rapid Update) includes the engine RPM and trim data items, while other PGNs supply the missing data items. In this case, I suspect that you will find that the device instance ID included within PGN 127488 is correct, while that included with the other corresponding PGNs may be incorrect. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to inspect the data being transmitted by the engine system to the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. It would be recommended that a NMEA 2000 bus analyzing tool be interfaced to the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone to verify the device instances transmitted with corresponding NMEA 2000 PGNs and that all data items within these PGNs are being populated. If so, then please attach screen snapshots displaying the included data for PGNs 127488 (Engine Parameters, Rapid Update), 127489 (Engine Parameters, Dynamic), 127496 (Trip Parameters), Vessel, 127497 (Trip Parameters, Engine). See the example below showing a screen snapshot of the NMEA Reader NMEA 2000 bus analyzer showing the data that is being included within PGN 127250 Vessel Heading:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=595]
I don't have access to monitor the N2K network, but I was able to temporarily connect another manufacturer's MFD to the network and all engine data appears properly. Perhaps is there a setting within the Axiom that needs to be changed?

Per my initial response, the Identify Engines feature is exclusively designed for use with compatible engine systems which have been interfaced to an ECI-100. Accordingly, I would not expect that its use would yield any positive results. While it can be stated that the engines are putting out NMEA 2000 data based upon the results with another display, the Axiom MFD will not display the data if the Instance ID(s) included within the PGNs containing engine data are not consistent with the convention specified within the previously referenced FAQ. Should you not have access to or not desire to obtain a NMEA 2000 analyzer such as that which was referenced within my previous response, then it is recommended that a Certified Raymarine Installer be contacted to visit the boat to determine the Instance IDs which are being transmitted by the engine system.
i have purchased Axiom 9 displays, i am re-powering with 2 new 200 Suzuki outboards. looking to use 2 9" displays to what cables and hardware from Raymarine do i need to connect the engines to the new engines. thanks charlie.

Please refer the FAQ referenced within my initial response to RGlassman addressing how engine systems may be interfaced to one's marine electronics system.
I have the same sort of problem My Axiom 9 RV will not talk to my 2011 Suzuki DF70A engine. I contacted ray marine and was told to set my Axiom to look for 5 engines and it should find my engine. If this works then I would require the ECI-100. I did say I thought the ECI-100 was only for Volvo and Yamaha and was told my problem is almost 100% A problem of assigning my engine. I think what he means is the Axiom can't give my engine a Number. I.E Engine No 1/2/3/4 or 5.
Predator 165,

As indicated within the FAQ which I referenced within my initial response, within the PGNs containing engine data which the engine gateway transmits, then the Instance data item transmitted within these PGNs would need to be "0" in order for the MFD to report engine data for Engine 1. One may verify the values of the Instance data item transmitted within these PGNs by using a NMEA 2000 analyzer (ex. Actisense NGT-1 w/Actisense NMEA Reader PC software, etc.). Should the engine gateway be transmitting an Instance ID other than "0" within PGNs containing engine data, then the engine gateway's manufacturer or engine manufacturer's support team should be contacted for information concerning how to change the value of these Instance IDs. Raymarine's ECI-100 has not been designed and tested for use with Suzuki engines.
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