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Full Version: Radar Setup from c120 to e120w
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I'm upgrading my boat from a c120 to an e120w display I have. I have a pathfinder radar and also a rd 218. I know I can't use an analog radar with the e120w. What digital radar should I use. Is there a work around for the rd218. it's in great shape. What type of radar cable do I need with a newer digital radar. I think I need a seatalk cable now to interface with my dsm 300. what cables, and seatalk components do I need to make that work?

Sorry for all of the questions but any help would be appreciated. Paul
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rhumbline,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing radar transducers for the E120W MFD. As you have suggested, the DSM300 will be interfaced to the MFD via an appropriate length of SeaTalkhs (M) to SeaTalkhs (M) Cable.
thank you
You're welcome.
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