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Full Version: Testing Raymarine equipment
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I purchased a boat with both an SR-6 satellite receiver and and DSM-300 sounder instrument mounted but not connected.

Before I invest in hooking up either, what's the best way to determine if they are fully functional?

Is there a Raymarine mail-in test service?

A brief search has not made that clear to me.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Don,

Short of interfacing these products to a compatible Raymarine MFD, the best option may be to send these items to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked. Raymarine will charge $90 per item to test these products. Testing of the DSM would typically be accomplished by interfacing it to a compatible MFD and compatible fishfinder transducer and then testing both 50kHz and 200kHz operation. Testing of the SR6 would be accomplished by interfacing the SR6 to a SiriusXM antenna and a compatible MFD, verifying communications between the MFD and SR6, verifying that the SR6 is able to acquire SiriusXM satellite signal via the interfaced antenna, and verifying that the SR6's audio output port is operational.
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