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Full Version: Ray50 - Ray52
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Hello Chuck
I am in the market for a new vhf and trying to decide on one or the other.
Currently my system consists a78 and ev-200 and p70r.
My thoughts would be the 50 as I could use the a78 for gps data.
Not sure what the benefits would be in purchasing the 52 except if I was going to use as stand alone. Please correct me if I am wrong
Thanks for your help once again
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeff,

As you have suggested the primary difference between the Ray50 and Ray52 is that the Ray52 features an internal GPS receiver. The Ray52 would then be capable of using its own internal GPS receiver or an external SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 GPS data source to support its DSC features. Reasons for including a VHF radio featuring an internal GPS receiver include:
- simplified installation ... as the Ray52 does not require input from an external GPS data source, it need not be interfaced to the marine electronics system
- lower system power consumption ... as the Ray52 features an internal GPS sensor, the other marine electronics may be switched off when it is desired that only the VHF radio be operated. This is a highly desirable feature for power conscious operators (ex. sailing vessels, etc.)
- redundancy ... should the Ray52 be interfaced to the marine electronics system, then the Ray52 may utilize GPS data from the marine electronics system or its own internal GPS receiver. In the event of a failure of the GPS circuitry of one of the system's GPS receivers, the VHF radio may be configured to utilize the operational GPS receiver.
Thank you chuck
You're welcome.
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