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Full Version: ST60 Wind Transducer
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My St60 Wind Transducer (Wind direction) has stopped moving. After removing it from the masthead, it was discovered that it is rusty/corroded and is likely in need of replacement. My question is: Can I use the same cable and purchase a R28170 or would I need to purchase the E22078 with the cable?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Stburch,

Q. Should damage be restricted to the transducer itself, then the masthead block and its cable may be retained for use within a new R28170 Short Arm (14-1/2") Masthead Transducer or a R28171 Long Arm (26-1/2") Masthead Transducer.
That's great news. The existing cable is fine.

Thanks for your prompt response.

You're welcome.
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