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Full Version: Replacement for ST 8002 autopilot control head
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I have 2 ST 8002 auto pilot control heads and would like to upgrade to the modern version. What control heads will work with the existing auto pilot components..?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jsimpson,

The answer to your question is dependent upon the model of autopilot course computer which is presently installed onboard the vessel. Should you respond with this information, then we may be able to provide a recommendation.
Autopilot: Raymarine E12091 Smart Pilot S2G High Performance Corepack
SN: 0960259

Pump: Raymarine M81120, type 1 hydraulic pump set, 12 volt
SN: 03102466

Thank you for your help...!

Per the FAQ found here, the p70S and p70RS autopilot control heads may both be used with the S2G.
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