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Full Version: [CA] Import failed- VoyagePlanner to Axiom
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I get “import failed” when trying to import a gox file created by the Voyage Planner (windows).

I updated the Axiom to latest version, I have the latets charts in the SD card, this is my procedure:

- Create route using click and point, I created two routes with 99 and 65 waypoints.

- Route names are NM-PlantYICW and NM-PlantYHawk
-Right click on route, export, route appears on the transfer container
-At the transfer container click the arrow, file on disk, gps format, standard gpx
-Delete route from transfer container
-Repeat for other route
-SD card is blank, formated with fat32, 32GB
-Insert card in Axiom, my data, import/export, import from card, select card
-Both routes show up with a gps extension ( 29.1kb and 42.6kb sizes)
-Click on one the first time and says “import failed”.
-If you go back and check waypoints in the Axiom it shows it has actually copied one waypoint
-Subsequent tries I get “A waypoint with name WPT099 already exists in the lect and option”: keep both, replace and cancel. Regardless of the answer it says “import failed” and if you go check it has copied another waypoint

What do I do?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mgarsal,

Raymarine has recently become aware of and has duplicated this problem. At present, the fault appears to be rooted within the LightHouse 3.2.x software used by the Axiom MFDs, as MFDs running LightHouse II v19.03 software have shown no issues importing the same GPX files which had not been properly imported into the Axiom MFDs. A problem report has been logged to seek correction of this problem within a future LightHouse 3 software update. We have determined GPX files produced by MFDs running LightHouse II v19.03 software may be successfully imported into MFDs running LightHouse 3 software. This post will be updated when further information and/or a workaround are known.
To be clear problem is importing standard gpx files from Voyage Planner into Axioms with latest software version.

Should I try exporting “extended Raymarine MDF” gpx file versions from Voyage Planner into the Axiom?

The problem would affect either type of GPX file produced by Voyage Planner. That said, our initial belief is that the fault may be rooted within the LightHouse 3 software, rather than in the Voyage Planner software ... as indicated, the same GPX files exported by VP are able to be successfully imported into MFDs running LightHouse II software.

As a workaround, I have used GPSBabel to produce a waypoint/route file of another manufacturer's proprietary format (in the case of my test, I chose Garmin's .gdb proprietary format) from the data within the GPX file produced by Voyage Planner. This action had the effect of stripping the Raymarine extensions (symbol, color, line style, etc.) from the waypoint/route data. I then used GPSBabel to produce a GPX file from the .gdb file previously produced by GPSBabel. The GPX file produced GPSBabel was then able to be successfully imported into an Axiom MFD running LightHouse v3.2.101 software.
Hello, when is a definitive fix expected for Lighthouse 3?. Thanks

The correction to the reported issue is expected to be included within the upcoming LightHouse v3.3.x software update ... the release of which is imminent. It is recommended that the previously posted workaround be utilized in the interim.
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