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Full Version: SmartController & SeaTalkng
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I'm upgrading all my equipment and the only SeaTalk device left will be the SmartController Base Station. Everything else will be STng or NMEA2000. I will be using a SeaTalk-to-SeaTalkng convertor to connect the base station.

1. What is the LEN for the base station I should account for as I design a balanced SeaTalkng backbone?

2. The ferrite for the charging cable is missing. Where can I get a replacement for the correct one to use?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rsqunit,

1. Raymarine does not appear to have specified a LEN number for the SmartController's Base Station. That said, using a LEN value of 3 would be considered safe for the Base Station.

2. Snap Chokes are commonly available from electronics stores (ex. Radio Shack), Amazon, etc.. With respect to size, you need simply measure the cable's diameter.
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