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Full Version: ST60+ Speed Instrument Compatibility w/ Airmar CS4500
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Is the Airmar CS4500 speed/temp xdcr pin compatible with the ST800 speed/temp transducer? Can the ST60+ compute speed with the cs4500?

The CS 4500 measures down to 0.1knt versus 2knts for the ST800 and the EV-1 would perform even better on a sailboat with the CS4500.
Airmar brochure claims CS4500 has pulsed analog output like ST800 with about 2K more pulses per nm, but wanted to be sure before purchasing. It's expensive, but not needing to pull the st800 paddlewheel when the boat sits would be great. Raymarine does not appear to offer the CS4500 and that concerns me. Thanks, Dan
Hello Dan_Y,

Raymarine offered a variant of the CS4500 for several years, but stopped doing so primarily - I believe - because of lack of demand, due to the cost.

The CS4500 is a great speed sensor and as long as you get a compatible version, will work very well with ST60, ST60+, ST70 Speed pods, i50, the ITC-5 or DSM400 sounder module. What's key is to use a '3-wire speed' variant rather than 2-wire.

The CS4500 Raymarine offered was Airmar part 44-063-1-83 (Raymarine part E26024). You can see variants of the CS4500 and compare their wiring diagrams on Airmar's transducer cross-reference in order to make sure you get the correct type.
Excellent information. Thank You Tom. I have read good reviews by users, like noticing they even got accurate speed measurements of current while anchored or in a slip.
You're welcome.
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