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Full Version: is Axiom 9" 3d MFD and EV100 going to work for my kicker motor? Honda 8 hp
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is Axiom 9" 3d MFD and EV100 going to work for my kicker motor? Honda 8 hp

I have a kicker motor. would Axiom 9" 3d sonar and EV100 going to work for my kicker motor.

if not, what do I need to get auto-pilot.

What kind of vessel is the kicker motor installed on? Is your kicker motor connected to you outboard, outdrive, rudder via a tie bar? If so, what kind of steering is your vessel equipped with (e.g. hydraulic, cable steering, etc.)? What is the maximum speed that your vessel can achieve while operating with the kicker motor?
1. My boat is wellcraft airslot 165 sport - tri-hull fiberglass.
2. Not yet, but I can connect it to my Johnson 90 hp outboard.
3. Johnson 90 is steered by Baystar hydraulic HK4200-A3 with an adaptor plate for my motor. - see picture.
4. I never go beyond 35 miles per hour. Mostly leisure boating and fishing.
Kicker motor Honda 8 hp has not yet been mounted, so don't know the max. But, I will be using it for trolling for file at 1-7 miles per hour.

In order to steer the kicker, the kicker would need to be connected to the outboard motor via a steering bar. The EV100 would not be applicable to this vessel. As the vessel is equipped with hydraulic steering, an autopilot featuring an autopilot hydraulic pump would be used. Autopilot hydraulic pump selection (which in turn determine the model of ACU required) is based upon the cubic capacity of the steering ram. Unfortunately, the Baystar hydraulic HK4200-A3 is not listed among the capacity specifications posted by SeaStar. Accordingly, it would be necessary to obtain this information by examining the capacity information stamped on the hydraulic ram before being able to recommend Evolution autopilot components. As indicated within the FAQ found herehere, the vessel speed will need to be maintained between 3 to 15 kts during its cruise to determine deviation and vessel handling characteristics.
ok, chuck. I found the following info. Can my EV100 work with my Baystar hydraulic cylinder?



HC4648 .63 (16.0) 8 (203) HP5608/HP5607 7.24 (118.6)

If my EV100 is not going to work? which one is going to work with my Baystar?

The 7.24 Cu. In. capacity of the HC4648 exceeds that of the 0.5 Hydraulic Pump which would be used with and EV-100 Power. In this case, and ACU-150 and a Type 1 Hydraulic Pump would be required. The EV-1 CCU and p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head may be retained for use with these other Evolution autopilot components. However, the software within the EV-1 and p70/p70R should be updated with the latest software to ensure compatibility.
Thanks, that's my guess too.
was hoping to save as much as possible to go with the lease expensive system.
I will not buy EV100. I will look into ACU 150 which I believe is in the EV-150 or EV-200 systems.

If seeking a ground-up autopilot for this application, the T7033 EV-150 Hydraulic would be recommended for this application as long as the vessel features a 12V power system (vs. a 24V power system).
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