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Full Version: Quantum Wi Fi dropping out
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I have a new Axiom 12 with Navionics and a wi-fi/hardwire Quantum radar. Boat is a 1990 Grand Banks 32. Metal mast, but flybridge is glass/ply sandwich so should not be much of a barrier to the signal.

Got power to Radome using 12v wires in old analog thick cable, but I am trying hard NOT to have to fish new data cable to the radome...a big costly job.

BUT...the radar keeps dropping out unpredictably. I'm guessing the signal is marginal, but can't figure out how to test the wi-fi signal strength.

1. I can't detect the Quantum's wifi signal. Axiom network page shows just one network...the Axiom itself. Is this the Quantum signal too, or, if not, how do I find the Quantum signal?

2. I downloaded 3 different wi-fi signal strength apps onto my iPhone. All require that you sign onto the wifi signal with your phone before they can analyze it. The Axiom wifi signal does show up on my phone, but I can't sign on because I don't know the Axiom wifi password. I found it on the Axiom, but all asterisks! How do I find the password so I can analyze it, even if it's not the Quantum signal. If the Quantum signal is different, I will need it's name and password, if it's different from what's on the sticky paper that came with the unit. And how do I get it to show up on my iPhone at all?

The company who installed the whole system will test the voltage at the radome in the next few days, just to make sure there is not some strange voltage drop up there.

Thanks for your help!
Hi Oldersalt,
Thankyou for your enquiry,

Please can you review the following FAQ which covers the commonly found issues with regards to Quantum wireless connectivity

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