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Full Version: Quantum radar down?
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I have a Quantum radar attached to an ES 128 MFD. Both have the latest updated software installed. The radar is connected to the MFD through the ray cable into the back of the MFD. Unit had been working great since installation but last week I turned it on just to check it and I got a message saying it couldn't find the radar. Restarted both units and same thing. The next day went to boat to check connections etc. but upon powering up, everything seemed to be ok again. Tried using the radar the other day and the radar icon on the MFD shows its connected and the icon is rotating. Also responds to standby and power down commands from MFD. It seems I'm getting little/no data from the radar like it's not rotating. I had a boat a close distance in front of me and also tried heading straight to a buoy, but I never received a target on the screen. It usually picks them out with no trouble. Sitting in the slip at the marina, the screen is usually almost completely red, but I'm getting very few returns on the screen. Can anyone advise?
Hi Axshun, thankyou for your enquiry,

Does it make any difference to operation if the engines are running or not or if shore supply is connected? If yes, then possibly there is a power supply issue, maybe a loose of high resistance connection in the power supply to the quantum radome.

Can you check the power supply source for voltage, connections security and check if there are any high resistance joins, perhaps in-line fuseholder etc? Also check that the voltage measured at the antenna is very similar to that at the batteries - this confirms there is no voltage drop which may be triggering the issue.

Can you confirm that if you cycle the power to the Quantum Radome itself that this does not resolve the issue?

If power is fine,then possibly there is an issue within the antenna and it would be a great idea to get a local Raymarine dealer involved

- Raymarine dealers equipped to perform this service … recommend consulting your dealer prior to bringing equipment to the dealer;
- Certified Raymarine Installers … recommend advising the Certified Raymarine Installer that your system does not feature a Raymarine MFD having a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications interface prior to engaging the installers services;
- Raymarine’s Product Repair Center.
Thanks for the reply. To answer some of your questions:
I have 13.5 volts to the power connection.
It doesn't matter if the boat is off, running or hooked to shore power.
It all started after turning on the radar and getting the "radar not found" pop up box on the screen. The next day it connected, but hasn't been right since.
Since then, I have contacted my local dealer and through cell phone pics, there definitely is a problem with the radar dome itself. He is coming to the boat next week to test the system and possibly remove it for repair.
Hi Axshun,
this is the best course of action as the dealer is best placed to resolve this with you,

best regards
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