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Full Version: ST290 Display (E22056)
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Got it. I think I have led you a bit astray of my goals, so please let me back up for a moment. I need to replace my C80 MFD because the NMEA0183 port is damaged (confirmed by wraparound test) and I am not able to get position data to my VHF for DSC utilization. That is a safety issue that I need to address. The eS97 has a nice drop-in size for my existing helm space and I am trying to upgrade without having to re-fiberglass and gel coat the entire helm.

The ST290 is causing problems because it has a huge cutout. None of the replacements (i50/i70) are large enough to fill that [censored]. I only use my ST290 for speed and sea temp data--that is it. So I really don't need to replace it. What if I keep that as an isolated SeaTalk2 system and upgrade in two steps as shown in my diagrams?

Step 1 is adding the eS97 MFD and the STng backbone.

Step 2 is replacing my existing autopilot with an Evolution system.

Q: With the eS97 having a built-in GPS receiver, should I keep my existing RS130 GPS receiver so I have two GPS sources? Or get rid of it?


Step 1 is fine, just make sure the ST290 part of the system is kept isolated from everything else, it will run fine as an isolated standalone system.

Step 2 is good too - still leaving the ST290 isolated

would recommend keping the RS130 and using the external GPS instead of the eS 97 internal one, make sure you turn the internal one off though and you have that as a back-up if there is ever an issue with the RS130.
Thanks Derek, I appreciate the help. It would be great if FLIR would make a mounting adapter or trim that would allow people upgrading from the ST290 to the smaller i50/i70 units to do so without having to make major modifications to their helms.

I suspect you are seeing and will be seeing a lot of upgrades of those units as the DPUs wear out and are no longer supported for service. Just my 2cents.
Thank you for the thought about the bezel adapter,

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