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Full Version: i70s temperature display
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I have a pair of NMEA 2000 temperature sensors in my refrigerator and freezer. I would love to display these on my i70s.

The first problem is that the i70s doesn't seem to accept the full range of NMEA 2000 temperature types, including refrigerator and freezer. Is there any way around this? Will it be supported in the future?

As a work around, I tried instead to use the Wind Chill Apparent and Wind Chill True. But while the i70s works if I set the type to Outside Temperature, it doesn't seem to see these two types. (The devices I'm using, from Yacht Devices, send NMEA200 130312 PGNs to send the temperature.) Any idea why this is failing?

Hi Chesley,
Thankyou for your enquiry,
The sensors being used are outputting a PGN 130312 this has sensor qualification hence why the i70 does not see these when you tried to use wind Chill.

The i70s will need to have these additional sensor types added - there are simply too many PGNs and they are constantly evolving too to ensure the i70s can read everything, in fact 130312 has already been superseded by 130316, which means the i70s will have to read both PGNs to capture the data too.

This link advises on the process we use to escalate feedback into our engineering teams for possible future inclusion in products.
Thanks for the reply. I'll follow up with the feature suggestion.

What is "sensor qualification"? I Googled it and came up with nothing...
Hi Chesley,

Sensor Qualification is a specific ID of the type of sensor to identify it's purpose and output
Ah. Note that I did change the type on the sensor to wind chill (the sensor can be set to any type within the 130312 PGN). So I'm not clear why it displays outside temperature OK when set to that type, but doesn't display wind chill when set to that type. Unless the i70s accepts a different PGN for the two.
The i70s does not currently recognise the different type of sensor, hence the suggestion to forward the feature request.

I apologize for being slow to understand. You can select Wind Chill Apparent or Wind Chill True on the i70s as an item to display (though not refrigerator or freezer). Doesn't that mean that it will read those sensor types? Or by type do you mean manufacturer?
You may be able to select WCA and WCT, but these refer to Wind Chill and so will not recognise the PGN identifications from the Freezer and Refigerator, hence the non display of the specific data.
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