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Full Version: [CA] E120W Radar problems.
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We've installed a good working E120W with the appropriate VCM 100 power supply, cables and HD open array and we can't get the MFD to connect. It flashes the note. "No Sea Talk HS Connection detected on unit." Someone said we might have the wrong black crossover? Are there two types?

VCM 100 was tested and is producing 42 volts.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Todd,

A SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler is only required within systems featuring an E-Series Classic MFD (E80, E120). Is then end of your Digital Radar Cable nearest the MFD terminated with a RJ45 (M) plug or with a RayNet (F) plug?
The plug on the actual array cable is the type that plugs into the crossover. It fits into the back of the e120w but doesn't "snap" in. It slides right out. That's why I thought I needed the crossover. AND this is a digital array - not compatible with the E120. Only the E120W... right?

Thanks for confirming that the installed Digital Radar Cable was terminated with a RJ45 (M) plug. Within a system of E-Series Classic MFDs, C-Series Widescreen MFDs, E-Series Widescreen MFDs, or G-Series GPM400's, Digital Radar Cables having a RJ45 (M) plug were intended to be connected to any one of the following:
- E55060 SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler
- R32142 Weatherproof RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M) Straight Through Coupler
- SeaTalkhs Network Switch (retired)
- SR6 Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver / SeaTalkhs Network Switch (Retired)

which in turn would be interfaced to an appropriate length of SeaTalkhs (M) to RJ45 (M) Cable. As indicated the latter cable features a SeaTalkhs (M) plug which is designed to:
- ensure proper alignment of the cable's RJ45 (M) plug within the MFD's SeaTalkhs socket
- lock the cable into the MFD's SeaTalkhs socket
- protect the MFD's SeaTalkhs socket from the marine environment
- prevent EMC radiation through use of shielding within the cable

Please verify that your MFD has been interfaced the radar pedestal in the manner specified above. If so, then please click here to view a FAQ providing further troublehooting information.
Thanks Chuck.

Question... Why would someone use a 'E55060 SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler'
over an 'R32142 Weatherproof RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M) Straight Through Coupler'


Q1. Why would someone use a 'E55060 SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler'
over an 'R32142 Weatherproof RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M) Straight Through Coupler'?
A1. The R32142 Weatherproof RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M) Straight Through Coupler was introduced following the acquisition of Raymarine by FLIR and the subsequent support for integration with thermal cameras. Raymarine continues to offer to SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler to support integration of E-Series Classic MFDs with a one compatible Raymarine product having an Ethernet Network (SeaTalkhs / RayNet) communications interface. Again, either one of these couplers may be used within a system featuring an E-Series Widescreen MFD.
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