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Full Version: TackTick T101 direction issue
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Hi Chuck,

My T101 has been pretty intermittent this summer. Some days the direction works fine, other days it's pointing 30 degrees + in the wrong direction and the arrow flashes. Ive also had days where the wind speed flashed 0.0 but that seems to be rare.

The whirly do is a Z467 T120

I made a quick youtube video so you can see what the display shows:

I plan to buy the T100 after Christmas with the compass addon and integrate with the T101 to get true wind speeds etc.
Let me know if you feel this should come to Raymarine for some work. The unit is approx 6 years old and sits on a Beneteau 265. I do make sure the units are fully charged before storing (6-7 months) for winter.

Welcome to the Raymarine lawko,

The video was very helpful to our repair center's technician. In this case it appears that the masthead transducer has failed, necessitating that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thanks Chuck, do i need to call in to get a repair ticket first?

No RMAs are required / issued to have a product bench checked / serviced. Simply complete the form found here: http://dealer.raymarine.com/CustomerRepair and a shipping label will be produced.
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