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Full Version: [CA] Axiom 9 transducer placement
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I have an Axiom 9 with the RV 100 transducer. I am mounting the transducer on a pontoon boat that we use to fish for hybrids and stripers. The mounting brackets for a transducer on the pontoon are midway on the log(aluminum bracket welded to the center of back of the toon) on either port or starboard side. Is this going to be a decent location for the transducer? It would be a safe location not to be damaged by anything in the water or putting on the trailer, but will it be a satisfactory for side ,down and 3d imaging? Should the transducer be mounted level with respect to the water >not the way the boat sits in the water? Will it matter which side to mount it on? I prefer starboard behind the driver seat. This pontoon is a sterndrive not an outboard. Thanks for any info, David
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Pontoon boats generally leave few if any options for alternate transducer mounting locations. As such the transducer will need to be mounted to either of the transducer mounting plate. Some who desire more flexibility with respect to transducer mounting will fasten a transducer mounting board (which made from Starboard and will have larger length and height dimensions than the transducer mounting bracket). Use of such transducer mounting boards permit alternate transducer mounting heights to be tested without having to drill additional holes into the boat's aluminum mounting bracket ... i.e. the transducer mounting holes will instead be drilled into the transducer mounting board. Please note that should a keel be welded to the bottom of the pontoons, that such keels may cause an aerated / turbulent flow of water to pass across the face of the transducer. This aerated / turbulent flow of water may adversely affect the performance of the fishfinder when the boat's speed approaches and/or is operating on plane. However, when operating as slower speeds, performance should not be impacted. it is generally recommended that transducers be installed on starboard side boats having a single prop.

With respect to angle of attack and with the understanding that the transducer may not support imaging while on plane, it would typically be recommended that the transducer be mounted in an orientation permitting it to be parallel to the bottom of the pontoon.
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