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Full Version: i70s temperature display, continued
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(You closed the previous thread on this topic without a complete resolution, so I'm starting a new one...)

Let me try a different, related question: When you select Wind Chill Apparent, what does that show? What PGN? What type?

I have tried setting my sensor to PGN 130312, type Wind Chill Apparent, and it does not show up. Does the i70s not support 130312? Is it limited in some other way?

When I set the type to Outside Temperature, then it does show up as Air Temperature. So the i70s must support 130312 to some degree.

Our testing suggests that the i70S not decoding fully PGN 130312, so if you are transmitting this PGN, there is something amiss here.

Please can you submit a N2K log with any supporting data to the thread … several bursts of 10 seconds should suffice. this will enable us to read all PGNs being transmitted along with full data strings.

If this is an omission, then we will raise this as a feature suggestion / problem report and it will be submitted to consider inclusion / correction of the issue within a future software update to the product.
Finally got back to this issue. How do I get an N2K log with the Axiom chart plotter? I don't see it in the "obvious" places.

Currently the AXIOM does not support STng/ N2K logging, this feature will be added in to AXIOM in an upcoming software update.
The only other possibility in the interim period is to borrow a LHII based unit just to log the data
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