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Full Version: [DG] Making my magnetic compass work again (EV-100 Wheel)
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I have installed an EV-100 Wheel autopilot in my boat. I am happy with it but I am not so happy that my compass is no logner working.

The boat have a round piedestal and for some reason it is not possible to place the wheel motor in the lower position because there is not enough room between the piedestal and the motor (I need about 1cm more). I have tested that a low motor position will allow the compass to work.

As I see it I have two options to get the compass to work:
1. Drill a new [censored] beside the existing one in wheel to give more room for the motor. This will by far be the easies one - but I will need to drill a [censored] in the wheel...
2. In some way create my own piedestal bracket to offset the pin that locks the wheel in place on the piedestal.

So - three questions to you guys:
1. Do I have a other options? (beside living with th non-functioning compass)
2. Which of the otions should above I go for?
3. Raymarine - why dont you offer a piedestal bracket where the pin in offset?

Hope someone can help - and happy holidays!
Hi Dyhrberg,
Thankyou for your enquiry below.

Although you have not mentioned it, have you mounted the drive with the motor in the upper position closer to the compass and therefore triggering excess deviation in your compass?

If yes . . . we have often found that the deviation caused by the permanent magnets in the motor is a constant value and a compass adjuster can compensate for the deviation caused - this will enable the compass to function normally

If you find that the deviation changes, for example, when operating the autopilot drive the compass card swings erratically, then the only way to solve this is to relocate the autopilot drive motor.

Whilst it is possible to create an additional slot in the backplate of the drive unit, the existing slots are reinforced and the new slot would not be and so could be liable to stress cracking, this is not something we would either support or warranty.
The preferred solution would be to have a local machine shop make a custom torque restraint pin offset to enable the motor to clear the side of the pedestal.

there are a wide range of pedestal designs which also change over the years, the location of the existing reinforced slots have been chosen based on wide experience and are appropriate for the vast majority of customers, there will however always be the occasional exception, which will require some local adjustment.

Just to follow up. Hardest part was to find a good machine shop.

HI Dyhrberg

Glad you managed to source one at last,

best wishes
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