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Full Version: [CA] Propagate MFD alarm
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I have an ES97 MFD. I need to propagate the MFD alarms to a buzzer inside the boat in order to hear e.g. the anchor drift alarm from the cabin. Based on the ES97 wiring diagram it does not seem there is an audio out connection, and the HDMI connection is video only. I thought I could capture the alarm tag on the bus with a programmable device that would provide an on/off output. Is there something like this available, or anyone knows a better solution? (I would not want to buy another MFD)
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Unfortunately the a/c/e/eS-Series MFDs and Axiom MFDs neither feature an audio output port, nor do the feature alarm leads which may be used to trigger an external alarm. The only solution available is that which may be found within the FAQ addressing this subject.
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