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I am upgrading my system in steps and I am a little stuck on displaying my analog radar on an A67 chartplotter. The analog radar (RD218) is connected to an E80 Classic. An A67 chartplotter is connected via Seatalk HS. It complains that a non-compatible display is present via an annoying popup. However, it does display the radar picture and allows control (you have to be very quick since after dismissing the popup, there is only a second to make changes before the pop up appears again). Also, if I disconnect the HS cable the E80 says connection to DSM lost (apparently it is thinking of the A67 as a DSM).

I understand that the two displays are not meant to live together as described in the manuals. However, is it possible to get a version of the Lighthouse (mine is v7) software without the annoying popup. Basically, it would allow me to use my current setup with the analog radar and the E80 as a digitizer until I find the time to install a digital radome and new cabling? Is it too much to ask?
Hi Vshtonov
Thankyou for your enquiry.

The different generations of multifunction displays, cannot generally be interconnected to share data via SThs or Raynet, please click here for further details.

Whilst parts of the original network can be updated piecemeal, the analogue radar is one step that has to be done in one go, both radar and display will need to be replaced together, then ensure that your a67 software is updated to the same version as the new LightHouse 2 display.
Dear Derek,

Thank you for the reply. I am fully aware of the limitations, I am just trying to find a solution that would work temporarily until I upgrade the radar.

I updated my a77 firmware from v7 to v19 and the pop up disappeared but the radar display does not work anymore. I believe somewhere in the updated evolution there was a change that broke the process. I am guessing it could be when dual radar scanner support was added (the mfd would not know which radar it is connecting to). Is it possible to download older firmware versions from somewhere? In particular, I am looking for v6.27 or around that version.

Thank you,
Hi Vassil,
I am afraid that we no longer have such old copies of software that could be used, in upgrading to R19 the structure of the software library has been changed to make more use of new cartography features and downgrading will not be possible.
E classic was never meant to be compatible with the 'a series' platform and was never tested as such.
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