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Full Version: (DG) E12091 with C90W
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My question is will a E12091 autopilot control unit (with correct compass and rudder sensors) work with a type 1 Octopus hydraulic pump (10A max). Communication and control will be using Seatalk 1 with ST60 instruments connected to a Seatalk 1 to NMEA 2000 SeatalkNG bridge (works with ST60s now). The NMEA 2000 is connected to C90W. I want to use the C90W as the sole control head for the autopilot. Please advise if I can calibrate and control the E12091.
Hi Greggegner

The C90W has a limited function for Autopilot control, however, unlike the current generation of Raymarine Multi Function Displays, it cannot be used as a sole controller for the autopilot, so there must be a conventional ST6000 style control unit in the SeaTalk system connected to the S2G computer.

In addition to the above, the C90W would not be able to calibrate the Autopilot either.

It would be possible to use a P70s or P70Rs control unit, click here for more details
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