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Full Version: [CA] Autopilot not steady, constant small corrections
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I have an evolution EV-1 with and ACU300. Hydraulic steering. Just recently updated to Lighthouse 19. Since the update the autopilot makes constant 1-2% course corrections. This happens in calm seas and in all three sensitivity modes. Any idea on how I can get it to just steer straight?

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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. If the items within the referenced FAQ have been addressed the then please click here to view an additional a FAQ addressing this subject. Should each of the items within the FAQ have additionally been addressed, then the symptom may be indicative of high deviation detected by the EV-1 CCU or may indicate that the system is in need of a rudder reference transducer (often omitted during installation of the autopilot). Should a rudder reference transducer be installed and should the problem persist, then please respond with the data items listed within the first FAQ referenced within this response. Please additionally indicate whether the reported issue occurs only within Track mode or whether it additionally occurs within Auto mode.
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