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Full Version: [CA] Need help in uploading routes to Axiom
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I am new boater therefore I am very uncomfortable in going out on my boat without routes pre-planned and uploaded into the navigation unit. I recently upgraded my electronics to safer on the water. However, I cannot upload routes in the new Axiom that I just had installed in my boat. I am using OpenCpn to plan routes and save as *.gpx files. The Axiom using Lighthouse 3.2 will accept the waypoints that I have saved. However, when I attempted to upload a route, it fails and then when I check the Axiom, only the one of the waypoints from the route was uploaded. What can I do get routes upload into the Axiom?
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The first thing I would recommend is that your waypoints and routes be reviewed using your third party navigational planning application and that you verify that your waypoints and routes have not violated any of the constraints documented within the FAQ found here. If so, then it would be recommended that your third party navigational planning application be used to modify this data to produce a GPX file featuring waypoints and routes which do not violate these constraints. Should you have done so, and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that you attach the problematic GPX file to this thread for analysis.
Is there a problem in having the same waypoint names previously saved separately to the Axiom and using the same waypoint names in the route that is being uploaded?

There shouldn't be. When a waypoint of the same name currently exists within the MFD's database, the operator will be alerted of the duplicate during the import process, providing the operator the opportunity to overwrite the existing waypoint within the database or to create a new waypoint having a slightly different name.
I have attached one of the routes that I cannot upload to the Axiom. Please advise.

The problem which you have reported has been duplicate with your GPX file within Axiom MFDs running LH v3.2.x software. Similarly, users of Raymarine's Voyage Planner software are also encountering this problem when importing planned routes into Axiom MFDs running LH v3.2.x software. Raymarine has identified and corrected the problem with LH v3.3.x, which is currently expected to be released shortly after the New Year. In the interim, should your waypoints have been imported successfully into the MFD, then use the Chart applications route creation feature to simply connect the dots (i.e. you waypoints).
Thank you for your quick response. Although frustrating, I am pleased to hear that Raymarine has fixed the problem. It is great that Raymarine is so diligently working with its customers and addressing their complaints/issues in prompt manner. I sent you my GPX file last evening around 7pm and first thing this morning I received your response informing me that my issue is being addressed. Highly commendable. Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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