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Hoping someone can help me out here.
My boat came with a raymarine SL-72plus radar unit. Unit still works fine, however it has the backlight issue where the buttons light up, but the screen does not, making it impossible to see at night (the time when I need the radar most).

Anyways, I would like to replace the display unit since it would probably be easier than trying to have mine fixed. I reference a thread here listing the other pathfinder units which where compatible with my SL-72 however I am a bit confused.

Of those listed is a RL70RC and RL70. I could not find any of those units available but did find a RL70C, which I understand is the color screen version.

Will the color RL70C work with my existing scanner from the SL72??

Thanks in Advance,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevin,

Q. Will the color RL70C work with my existing scanner from the SL72??
A. Possibly. Any of the hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar Displays specified within the FAQ found here may be used to replace your SL-72 plus display. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to ensure that the replacement will be compatible with you C-Map NT+ chart card(s). As such, accordingly should the RL70C be a Pathfinder PLUS Series display (refer to the FAQ addressing how to determine), then it may be used to replace the SL72 Plus Display.
Chuck - thanks for the reply.

However I am still a bit unclear. There are no chart cards for my applications, I would be using this as a radar only, so no issues there I would assume?

I know the unit I have now is a "raymarine" unit, the one I am looking at is a "raytheon". I do not think it is a plus model. The "RL70C" is not listed in your link but the "RL70" is. My understanding is the only difference is one is monochrome and the other is color. Yet the RL80C is listed? So the color screen wouldn't work with my scanner?

As you have indicated that you will be using the display as a Radar-Only display, then any of the hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar (those additionally supporting chartplotting as well) listed within the previously referenced FAQ may be used to replace your currently installed display, irrespective of whether it is a Plus or a non-Plus version of the display. Accordingly, the RL70C may indeed be used as a replacement for your SL72
Thanks so much, Chuck!
You're welcome.
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