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Full Version: [TG] AIS not available on second unit (C-series Classic over Seatalk)
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I have a C-80 at my internal helm with AIS connected via NMEA to the unit - it works fine.
I have just installed a c-70 at the helm and connected power and the SeaTalk. Everything works on the helm unit (gps, compass, wind, etc.) but not the AIS. The Icons says AIS is not working.

I expected the AIS data to be hared over the seatalk network like all the other data - is there any way to do this, or do I need another connector to the helm unit's NMEA?

(both units have the latest firmware installed)

Good day IcarusBop,

I'm sorry to say that you will indeed need to connect NMEA0183 to both units: when Seatalk1 was invented, AIS didn't exist. The support for AIS was added into NMEA0183 much later on, but by this time we were phasing out Seatalk1 and moving onto Seatalk2/SeatalkNG.

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