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Full Version: [TG] Software updates - previous versions?
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I recently updated my software on MFD C-80 to the latest version.
However, there may be issues caused by this version on my plotter, please can you advise where I can get previous versions of the software so I can downgrade my system and do some testing?


What are the issues you're seeing? We don't recommend downgrading software, and personally I'm not aware of any software regressions (problems introduced through an upgrade) in latest C-series Classic software.
What version did you have before the upgrade, and what version is in there now?


It seems the chart is not working because the Navionics software wrote to the card (without my permission) and now the chart thinks it's a pirate copy - I'm in discussions with Navionics on how to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your response
No problem. Good luck.

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