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Full Version: [CA] Easy question! looking for a replacement plug for AIS100
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Hi guys,
In moving my electronics over to my new boat I seem to have misplaced the plug for my AIS100. Does anyone have a part number for a replacement so I can order one up? Failing that, does anyone know which pins are power and ground so I can power the unit up? I don't use the FM radio lead anyhow so power is all I really need, I am sure I can round up a plug down at the electronics supply place down the road.

Thanks as always!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Aswayze,

The part number for the AIS100's Power/FM Cable is A80191.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one may purchase / order parts for Raymarine products.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how promptly you answer questions here Chuck.

This is NOT the industry standard, and I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you guys make support a priority.
You're welcome.
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