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Full Version: Radar Software Level for System Upgrade
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I am reviewing my system in preparation for replacing the currently installed C140W MFDs with e165 MFDs. System diagnostics show the radar software status as:
Digital HD Open Array B8401A59 V2.24
Are there any special or specific steps I should take regarding the radar as part of the e165 MFD installation?
Hi jwasko,

All you will need to do with the radar is update the IF PCB software from V2.24 to V2.25. The V2.25 S/W is a much more stable build for use with Lighthouse 2 and 3.

To update the software you may either contact a servicing dealer using the dealer locator tool, or send the core into the Raymarine service department by filling out an out of warranty repair request Here.

- Dave
By the core, do you mean the pedestal? Can this upgrade be done by a dealer with the unit installed?
Hi jwasko,

The core is inside the pedestal and does all the power/processing for it. It is fairly simple to remove. If you would like specific instructions, please reply to this post with an e-mail address.

I recommend having this update done at our Service center, as the processor can become corrupt if not performed properly. Also, there are a lot of dealers that send the cores in to have the update performed by our department.

- Dave
Hi Dave
Yes, I would very much appreciate specific instructions to perform this update. You can email me at ***********
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