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Full Version: R19 software update, zip file for eS127
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I am in the process of downloading R19 for my eS127 to my 32GB card.

The instructions state:

Note: You are only opening the ZIP file that is downloaded. You cannot open the files contained in the ZIP file, these have extensions such as .dob .pkg .sh .sh.sig with various file names

The R19 zip file downloaded (ending in when accessed has numerous files, txt files, sig files, upgrade files, release note files, etc and includes a zip file ending in

I have attached a screen shot of the file contents.

1. Do I copy the entire set of these files from the shown on the screen shot to the root directory or do I open the zip file contained in the downloaded set of files from the initial zip file and only copy the zip file contents ending
Hi Lazybones,

All you must do is copy all files from unzipped R19 .zip file to the root directory of your microSD card. The second zip file inside is for a Ray 50 VHF unit. Do not worry about this file and proceed to copying all files directly to the root.

- Dave
Thank you
You're very welcome!
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