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Full Version: [CA] Axiom waypoint sorting
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I want to sort my waypoints by distance. I have 2000 but can’t sort them. Is there a limit to the amount that can be sorted?
Hi WayneC,

You should be able to sort your waypoints by range within the Chart application.

To sort your waypoints by range, perform the following: In the Chart application press the Menu button > Waypoints, Routs, Tracks > Waypoints > All Waypoints(or a specific folder of choice) > Sorted by: > Range

There is a 10,000 waypoint capacity on Axiom and the sorting features should perform properly.

- Dave
I did everything you suggested but the Sorted By is not an active option. The window for sort is grayed out (inactive)
Hi WayneC,

There may be a limitation to the "sort by" feature that I am unaware of.

Are you able to regroup some of your waypoints and then sort them by distance?

- Dave
Yes if they are broken down into smaller groups they can be sorted. In order to break them into smaller groups I have to select each waypoint to sort through it’s frustrating and time consuming

A feature request will be logged to remove an current limitations for the number of waypoints within a group as they apply to waypoint sorting as well as any other features. Legacy systems limited the number of waypoints to 500/group. Accordingly, it is recommended that this limit be observed until such time as a software update including this feature modification has been released. Should you attach a GPX file containing your waypoints (they will be kept confidential) to this thread, then it will be attached to the specified feature request to support testing.

The type of waypoint management which you are attempting is designed to be supported by Raymarine Voyage Planner. Within Voyage Planner, new Waypoint Folders would be created for each group which you desire to create. After doing so, then any or all of the desired waypoints which you desire to move to a specific folder may be selected and then dragged to the desired folder. Accordingly, it is recommended that Voyage Planner be used for such management until such time as a software update including this feature modification has been released.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
Chuck is Voyage Planner a free app I can install on my laptop?

Voyage Planner software downloaded via the web is sold for $49.99. More information concerning Voyage Planner software may be found here.
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