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Full Version: Quantum doesn't show SOG/COG
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I have a new Axiom 12 with Navionics and Quantum wifi radar.

The radar image is not displaying sog/cog, although I can select them on Navionics and they display just fine. Without sog/cog on the radar, the radar will not overlay on the chart, although they display side by side just fine. The radar displays the bearing line, but nothing on it.
I have searched the manual and can't figure out how to get the radar to display cog/sog.

Help!...and Thanks
Hello oldersalt,

Are you not seeing the COG/SOG data within the radar application? And if so, did you originally overlay that information in the application?

- Dave
As usual, I'm confused....

On the Navionics screen, under page settings (I think, I'm not on the boat right now) I can select items to display in little windows on the chart, like depth, sog, cog, etc. I have selected those items and they display on the Navionics chart, so I know they are in the system somewhere.

On the Quantum radar screen the radar images, rings and ranges, are displayed. The ship's white heading marker (vertical line from my boat to top of screen) is displayed but the blue COG/SOG line is NOT displayed, nor are the compass bearings around the outer ring. But North and South points are shown on the right ring (see pg 119 of the Axiom manual).

If there is a similar "page settings" in the radar app that allows me to select and deselect showing these items on the display, I am so far too stupid to find it...

I hope this better explains my problem.

Hi oldersalt,

Each application requires a separate setup of data overlay information. To edit the overlay information in the radar application, follow these instructions: From the radar application, press the menu button > press the settings (gears) button > scroll to the right at the top of the screen to find "page settings" > press "edit data overlays" > add the data you would like to view to the radar screen.

- Dave

I'm afraid you have still not answered my question, so I will try to explain it again.

(I tried to attach a jpg photo of my display, but could not get the attach function to work....oh well.

Anyhow, I did figure out how to use "page settings" in the radar app to display things like cog, depth and sog as numbers overlayed on the radar image. But that is NOT my problem.

On page 119 of the big Axiom manual there is an image of a radar display.
It shows a white line going from the ship's position (center of screen) to the top, hitting the outermost white range ring. The tiny number "120" shows at the top of the white line, giving the ship's bearing. The other compass numbers are displayed around the outer white ring. On the image there is also a blue line coming from the ship's position, slightly to the right of the bearing line, showing the ship's heading.

On MY display, the vertical white line is present, but the little numbers around the outer white ring are NOT present, so there is no way to know my bearing. Also the blue heading line is not present.

So, how do I get my system to display bearing numbers and heading line as part of the radar image?

Thanks for your patience on this.
Hi oldersalt,

My apologies for the confusion.

Do you have a heading sensor connected to your AXIOM display? And, have you been looking for the COG/SOG line in the radar application while at a stand-still?

If you have heading information going into the display, you should see the points of degree in relation to your vessel. Also, the COG/SOG blue line will not show up unless underway. The line is based upon your course and speed, and it changes according to that information set. E.g., the line will get longer the faster you are moving. In short, you are not missing settings to apply those features to the radar application.

- Dave
Both good questions. I assumed I have a heading sensor but don't know for sure. I will ask the local supplier/installer. Also will look for thew blue line next time I take the boat out, in a few days. I'll get back to you.
Thanks again.
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