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I am helping a friend with his ST 600 hsb2 display. Right now the concern is radar. We get clutter only at the dock and no signal or targets.
Hi olegreg,

Could you please provide the model of display and radar you are using? This will ensure a more accurate answer.

- Dave
Radar M92650
If we think that the scanner might be the issue, can we send back just the circuit board? Or do we send the whole radome?
Hi Greg,

Thank you for your response.

From the information you have provided, I believe the problem resides within the dome. The entire dome should be sent into the service department for evaluation, and you can fill out an out of warranty repair request Here.

- Dave
Another thing Dave,
This morning in North Idaho it's 30 degrees. No GPS fix. External antenna. Tried
Cold Start. We had GPS last night. Too cold?
Hi Greg,

Thirty degrees Fahrenheit should not be too cold for the GPS antenna to operate. However, the cold may effect its performance if an old battery is inside.

- Dave
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