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Dear SR. My autopilot Raymarine after 16 years of perfect service don´t function properly anymore, The failure is that you can hear the motor of the unit trying to correct the course but it run free, perhaps the clutch don´t function anymore ? I appreciate any idea to take a decision.


Hi bigua
Thank you for your enquiry.

the first place to start would be to refer to
this FAQ to test the drive, if you are still unsure,please advise exactly what type of drive it is and we can be more specific with the tests.
Dear Derek, thanks for your support, first of all, I write wrong, is a rotary drive unit Type 2, the second, now with the help of the info you sent, I identifie the part that fail, is the clutch coil assembly, Defender ( your distributor) ask me the part number so they could buy from Raymarine.
Could you give that part number ??


Best regards

Hi Derek, the part that fail is the clutch , have you the part number ? so I could buy trough a distributor ??


best regards

Hi Renato,
The clutch coils for the rotary drive is part number N007, this is used on both the T1 and T2 rotary drive units.
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