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Full Version: COG - hsb2 Pathfinder Series Radar Display
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I have a hsb2 Pathfinder Series Radar Display (RL80CRC PLUS) that is still working! (lol)
But I have several COG vector lines that always remain on the chartplotter display. They were made when the COG vector was set at infinite.
Is there a way to delete these?

Also the sounder does not show water temperature in the data box as it did before. All other sounder functions are working perfectly and depth does show correctly in the data box.
What can be the issue that do I not show the temperature in the data box any more?
Hello Ken Tait,

To shut off the COG vector on your charts, follow these instructions: While in the chartplotter portion of your display, press the menu button > chart setup > COG vector > choose the "off" selection with the corresponding gray soft key.

As for your temperature not displaying, there is a good chance the thermistor inside your transducer has failed. The thermistor changes resistance according to temperature and allows your MFD to display that information. If temperature if a vital piece of information for you, I suggest replacing your transducer.

- Dave
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