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Full Version: [CA] Axion/Navionics/Subscription
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I've got the Axiom 9 home for the winter running on the bench. 3.2.101

I've got a Navionics card installed with Freshest Data.

I did a Factory Reset on the unit. The Axiom chart status (see attached) now tells me my Navionics subscription is not active. I then updated the card with the 'freshest' Freshest Data. The Axiom still says subscription not active.

Suggestions? Thanks.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum danderer,

Is the Navionics chart card a Navionics+ chart card or is it a Navionics Platinum Plus chart card?
It is the Nav+ card that came with the MFD (NAG).

However.. this seems to have fixed itself. I can't say exactly what fixed it--since the initial report I've done a number of restarts, given the GPS good sky visibility, and switched (temporarily) to a demo chart downloaded from charts.raymarine.com. Somewhere in this process things got fixed so that my Nav subscription now is correctly detected.


I'm glad to learn that the system is working. I suspect that there may have been a fault in reading data from the Navionics+ chart card.
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