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Full Version: auto pilot replacement
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I have a 43 sailboat that has a Raymarine Smart Pilot S2G AST driving a linear ram. I would like to replace this with the EV-1 system. I looked at your price list and I believe the T70161 will do the job. ACU-400, p70, and EV-1 core. Will the ACu-400 be over kill? Shouold I drop down to the ACU-300? You do not have a system pack with the ACU-300, just the ACU-400.
Yes, the EV-400 Sail is the compatible replacement system. The ACU-400 should be used to power the existing Type 2 Linear drive. The ACU-300 is a solenoid ACU and is not compatible with your existing drive.
Thank you for the quick answer. Keep up the great support on this forum.

Anytime. Let us know if you have any future questions.
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