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Full Version: [CA] Current Seams on Axiom
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On Fishing University your VP Sales (Larry Rencken) stated with Axiom 3D you could actually see the underwater current seams on the screen. Kindly advise where we can see an example of this aspect, i.e., youtube or wherever.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lee,

What Larry had been referring to on the Fishing University show was the 3d Realvision showing where a heavy current edge (seam) was located. We noted this on the show when we were fishing a large outflow pipe. You can see the turbulence edges from the heavy water flow and air bubble turbulence on the RealVision 3D sonar channel. Identifying the location of a current edge is important when trying to position boat for casting to the water next to the turbulence edges. It also shows where the turbulence flow is going under the water and not just seeing it on the surface. Raymarine staffers noted this as well when fishing the lower Niagara River with its very strong currents. Picking and following the turbulence edges under water was key to guiding the boat while drifting/trolling.

Below, please find a couple pics from an earlier Niagara media event held last May with Axiom MFDs running much earlier software. These show the underwater turbulence in Niagara River.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1546]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1547]

Hope this helps.
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