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Full Version: [CA] RAY260 speaker options
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We are preparing to replace our RAY230 VHF with a RAY260. We need the base unit (part E70087) and an auxiliary handset (part A80196). Both products are listed on the Raymarine site as coming with passive speakers (part A80198). We need active speakers (part A80199) with both. Raymarine has told us we will need to buy 2 additional active speakers, an expensive proposition.

Some online resellers, including West Marine, list the RAY260 and it's auxiliary handset as coming with an active speaker. Queries to the resellers as to which speaker comes with the unit result in them quoting their ad - not helpful. Based on ad text, it would appear they are shipping directly from Raymarine.

My question: have these products ever been packaged with active speakers? I don't want to order, only to get passive speakers and still need to purchase 2 active speakers.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cchancellor,

While Raymarine has offered Ray260 packages for Europe featuring an active speaker, it has not offered such packages within the Americas. The packages of the E70087 and E70088 versions of the Ray260 included passive speakers. Likewise, the A80196 and A80249 versions of the Ray260 RayMic feature passive speakers. Accordingly, it will be necessary to separately purchase the Ray260 Active Speakers which you have referenced.
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