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Some Class B AIS transceivers support broadcast of heading data

Does the AIS650 support this?

If so, then is the data source of heading information (a), (b) or both

[a] NMEA0183 HDT sentence
[b] STNG PGN127250 (heading) AND PGN127258 (Variation) e.g. from an EV1 and MFD respectively from which true heading may be derived.

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wooly,

While Class A AIS transceiver, such as Raymarine's AIS950, are designed to be interfaced to a source of True Heading data and to transmit this data, Raymarine's Class B AIS transceivers are not designed to transmit heading data. Raymarine's Class B AIS transceivers are designed to transmit course over ground (COG) determined from the Class B AIS transceiver's internal GPS receiver.
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