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Full Version: [CA] navionics cards with raymarine products
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I have updated my lake Michigan navionics card. I have talked with navionics wanting to know why the state lines do not show up. They tell me it is a raymarine issue not a navionics issue. here is a copy of there reply
Dear Dan,

Happy New Year! You were not forgotten about. From we can determine so far its some sort of limitation to how the Raymarine software reads the information. Tested in other units like Lowrance, the state like is very much visible. We're adding it as a suggestion for enhancement to the OEM Dev Team.

Best regards,

Eric Fraser
Navionics Technical Support Team
it sure would be nice to get some support from raymarine.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

As you have suggested Dragonfly products as well as MFDs designed to run LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software do not presently support displaying the State Boundaries Navionics object layer. A feature request will be logged accordingly to consider the addition of this feature to future Dragonfly and LightHouse 3 software updates.

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