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Full Version: [CA] New Preset View For RealVision 3D
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Would it be possible to create another preset view for the RealVision 3D screen? I would love to see a view looking from the front of the boat to the rear. Basically the opposite of the follow view, looking down from the front of the boat and viewing the bottom behind the boat. It’s a view I find useful for trolling. I can manually set this view, but it’s a bit tricky to get it directly in front looking straight back. I have set up a screen on my home screen for just this view, but if I inadvertently change it then it’s a bear to get it back the way I want. I would find this view more useful than the overhead/above view, which is much like side view.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum brenkert,

Thanks for the great description. A feature suggestion will be logged accordingly to consider this feature for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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