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Full Version: [CA] Axiom Pro RVX12 Mounting Bolt Size
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What is the size / type of the corner mounting bolts? I want to get some thumb nuts like you provide for the AIS antenna so I can easily remove and install the unit.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pgiani,

The AIS650's passive GPS antenna feature's M3 threaded inserts and the kit is supplied with M3x40 mounting studs and thumb nuts. Please additionally note that the AIS650's passive GPS antenna's cable is hard wired to the antenna.
The rods provided are so short and can not go through my hardtop. Do you sell mounting hits kits with longer? Thanks.

Should the M3x40mm mounting studs not be of sufficient length, the it would be necessary to source them from a third party (recommend searching the Internet), as Raymarine does not offer longer M3x40mm mounting studs.
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