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Full Version: [CA] E90w MFD w/ 12kw 48" SHD radar 48rpm /auto speed option not available
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Have 3 E90w MFDs networked via seatalk Hs w / 12kw 48" open array SHD radar.

Cannot get radar to turn at 48rpm; only 24. The speed option where the "auto" speed would be set is grayed out.

Also, while the pedistal of the array sticker says model e52082e the MFD reports the radar type as e92160.

Software on E90w units are up to date.


This vessel is used for SAR in high traffic areas. 48rpm was a selling feature for this configuration and it doesn't work.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tx,

While HD pedestal cores support both 24 and 48 RPM, HD pedestal cores exclusively support 24 RPM. It appears that the 12kW SuperHD pedestal's (E52082E) TR core has been replaced with a 12kW HD non-Enhanced TR core (e92160) or was not programmed correctly at the factory. It is recommended to that the pedestal be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to resolve the issue.
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