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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom pro 9 Chart problem
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I have a new Axiom Pro 9 and one of the custom screens for displaying the navigation chart full screen is totally pixelated?? When I go to another screen setup that is split, say for the chart and sonar, the chart displays OK.

Also, I have a Navionics Plus card with it and it shows on the "My Data" screen but it isn't highlighted and it doesn't seem like I can switch to it??
I have the Navionics on my iPad and it shows very detailed bottom contours on the "sonar chart" option but I cannot get it to display on my Axiom...any ideas??

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Painless,

It is recommended both microSD slots of the Axiom Pro MFD's microSD memory card reader be tested to verify whether one or both may have suffered a failure.

Please determine the version of software which is presently installed within the MFD (HOME->SETTINGS). Should the version of software specified within the Getting Started tab of the displayed dialog, then it would be recommended that
1) any valuable waypoint, route, and track data stored with the MFD's memory be saved to a microSD memory card,
2) the MFD's software be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update for an Axiom / Axiom Pro MFD (v3.3.170 at the time of this response),
4) that the waypoint, route, and track data be retrieved from the aforementioned microSD memory card to which it had been saved.

Should each chart pane within the MFD not then show the same level of detail, then it would be recommended that you verify that each Chart applications pane in which you are unable to view chart detail has individually been configured to display Navionics Nautical Charts (MENU->SETTINGS->CARTOGRAPHY->NAVIONICS NAUTICAL CHARTS).

Finally, please click here to view a FAQ addressing differences observed between the bathymetry detail displayed by the Navionics Boating app and the MFD. The FAQ addresses how Navionics SonarCharts may be added to the Navionics+ chart card to permit the Navionics Boating app and MFD to display the same level of charting detail to be displayed.
My Pro 9 shows Navionics contours when in fishing chart mode but when I switch to navigation, the contours go away. I really need to see those contours in nav mode but there doesn't seem to be a way to set that up and save it. Is there a workaround?

While depth contours will be visible when viewing the Navionics Nautical Charts, the depth contour interval will be significantly lower when viewing Navionics SonarCharts, where a significantly greater number of depth contours will be visible. To maximize the number of depth contours visible when viewing Navionics Nautical Charts, the following settings should be used:

Should this not permit sufficient depth contours to be shown within the displayed Navionics Nautical Charts, then it would be recommended that you consider displaying two Chart application panes within the page being viewed. One Chart application pane would be configured to display Navionics Nautical Charts (MENU->DETAILED) and the other Chart application pane would be configured to display Navionics SonarCharts (MENU->FISHING).
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