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Full Version: [CA] RV Transducer(s) placement help
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I went with the rv220. Once installed and used for a while I will post results.

Thanks for the help.
You're welcome.

I have been using the system with the RV220 in this location:


and everything works as expected, I can hold bottom at approx 22-25kts in flat conditions. Thanks for the help in mounting location selection.

I do have one additional question. The boat came with an E66056 (airmar B744v) I noticed that when going offshore I lose bottom at around 600ft with the rv220. I would think the b744v would have greater depth range with 50khz selected. On the phone I was told there is a adapter to connect the transducer to one of my Axiom pro units (12" rvx and 12" S) but it would have to be connected to the rvx port. This does not make sense to me why would I not connect to the 1kw port?


You have either been misinformed or have misunderstood the response to how the E66056 version of the B744V fishfinder transducer may be interfaced to an Axiom Pro RVX MFD. As you have suggested E66056 version of the B744V fishfinder transducer must either be adapted (part #A80496) to be mated to the Axiom Pro RVX MFD's 1kW Transducer socket or interfaced to a CP370 1kW 50kHz/200kHz Fishfinder Sounder Module which in turn will be interfaced to the MFD.
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