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Full Version: (DG) Date to Waypoint
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On my E95 I have a data box with distance to waypoint and time to waypoint. Both work great. But, I also see a "date" to waypoint and the date is months ahead. I cannot find a way to modify date. Not a big deal but it would be better to have the correct date.
Hi DennisC
Thank you for your enquiry.

The date to waypoint is linked to the vessel's current speed, so if a route is planned whilst the vessel is stationary,the Waypoint arrival date will be very inaccurate. Entering an estimated speed will provide a more realistic arrival time and date.

it is always good advice to update the software in the display to the latest version currently available on the Raymarine website, check here for more details.

I am moving and have the ETA accurate regarding time. It is the date that makes no sense. All software is up to date.
Hi DennisC

I am afraid I cannot simulate this in the office, could you please send a screenshot of the complete screen for me?
Will do but may be a while before i get the boat out again.
Hi DennisC
No worries, just reply back when you get the chance.
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