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Full Version: (DG) Instrument upgrade - system diagram
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I'm replacing my old ST-50 instruments and my old autopilot with a Seatalkng-based network. I know I have to first connect the i70 to the network, and then connect the i60 wind instrument to the i70 with a Seatalkng spur cable.
Would you please review the attached system diagram?
Hi JohnRE

Thank you for your enquiry.

The diagram is pretty close to the correct method, ideally the i60 and i70 next to each other should be on their own individual spurs from the backbone, not daisy-chained, in order to conform to the NMEA 2000 standard. click here to read more about the NMEA requirements.

The calibration of the itc-5 is carried out through the i70.

remember to make sure the EV1 Sensor is kept well clear of any ferrous or deviating materials, (magnets, cables carrying signals, or high current etc . . .) click here for more details

Thank you for your review and advice. I'll move the EV1 sensor further forward to be well away from the engine. Does the EV1 sensor need to be located on or near the boat's center line?
Hi JohnRE

the ideal location is on the pitch and roll centre of the boat, but due to things like keels, pump motors, cabling etc, this is not always possible so, moving off the centreline is often required. Further information about location can be found here and here as well.
hope this helps?
Derek - many thanks for your help and advice. I'm looking forward to completing a long overdue instrument upgrade.
Hi JohnRE

you're welcome
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