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Full Version: CP570 with Airmar R109C LHW
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I have been some troubles to install Airmar R109C LHW with CP570 module.
The problem is the R109 comes with bare wire cables and CP570 needs a 11 pin connector.
So I bought a Raymarine 11 pin extension cable # A102150 and cut it to get some cable with the connector, but I don't find the Raymarine 11 pin wiring diagram to connect it with R109 bare wire.
Please I need some help

Juparethan Ribeiro

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Juparethan,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. While you may want to consider consulting with Airmar on this subject, it is strongly recommended that the recommendations specified within the referenced FAQ be adhered to.
I had the same issue.
You will need to buy a junction box from Gemeco Marine.
(843) 210-7000 it is a pain to wire together but once done works great.

Love the system, amazing abilities.
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