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Full Version: [CA] Confused about my C120/gps interface....
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Hello all,
Please pardon my ignorance here, but I need the benefit of some advice from the lightened among us.
I just bought a used C120 mfd with radome and gps antenna from a gentleman who was fortunate enough to be upgrading electronics priot to some major adventure.
However, I digress: my problem lies with connecting my gps to the mfd. the unit came with a black cable with a 5 pin connector, the cores of which are bare, red, green, yellow, and black ( I think). The gps antenna came with a fixed white cable, the cores of which are white, brown, green, and yellow.
Can I assume I just need to connect the two cables, and plug it into the corresponding socket on the back of the mfd for the gps to work, and if so ( here comes the tricky bit) which cores connect to each other? If it's not that simple, what do I need to do? I know I may be asking the relatively obvious, but I just forked out hard-earned cash for this unit and I don't want to mess it up.
Thanks in advance to all those willing to offer help and advice.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Joe,

In order address your question, we're going to need to know the make/model of GPS sensor which you are seeking to interface to the MFD. Should the GPS sensor be branded Raymarine, then please attach a photo of the label affixed to the underside of the GPS sensor to your response to this post.
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